Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lotus SameTime doesn't start when launched

Short Description:  Attempting to launch Lotus Sametime results in the application being highlighted in the taskbar but not getting to the splash screen or subsequently launching.

Problem:  IM is way off topic for this blog, but this occasionally happens to me and is maddening.  In my case, TaskManager will show multiple copies of "rcplauncher.exe" are running but Sametime.exe is not.   It appears to be a copy of the file %APPDATA%\Lotus\Sametime\.rcp.lock is...well...locked and preventing the application from launching.

To fix step by step

  • Kill all instances of rcplauncher.exe
  • Remove the hidden attribute from %APPDATA%\Lotus\Sametime\.rcp.lock
  • delete or rename .rcp.lock (I'm not sure there are a lot of situations in which you would need to back up this file, but if you're concerned, back it up).

Or run this from command line/as a cmd file:

  • Taskkill /F /IM rcplauncher.exe (for earlier versions of windows kill.exe may be necessary instead of taskkill)
  • attrib -a -h %APPDATA%\Lotus\Sametime\.rcp.lock
  • del /q %APPDATA%\Lotus\Sametime\.rcp.lock
    • if the file isn't found and shows in explorer, check that the APPDATA environment variable is set correctly
      • "set |findstr APPDATA" should return
        • <users>\<your username>\AppData\Roaming