Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using Dell racadm to configure passwords with spaces fails on iDRAC 6

When using Dell racadm tool to reconfigure the iDRAC 6 an attempt to set a user password with spaces in it will fail.  The manual provides information on proper quoting rules and escape rules, but none of them work properly as of version 7.1.0 (Build 594).  This behavior occurs whether using the cfgUserAdminPassword property directly on the command line or through the use of a config file.

Errors are similar to the following:

ERROR: Invalid value in config file.
Group: cfgUserAdmin, Object: cfgUserAdminPassword, Value: "Some spacey password", Line [4]


ERROR: The specified object value is not valid.

It is possible to set a password with a space in it using the web interface.

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