Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things that SQL Server Data Tools makes easy as compared to BIDS

After all the hoopla about 2012 SSIS (and its dev environment) being so much better than 2008, I was originally a bit disappointed with the new version (other than fixing some of the lineage ID issues which is awesome), but after using it for a while there are several things that just work in the new version, but were painful before.

Microsoft's list of the official enhancements is here and there are some big things fixed and added (love the dashboard), but there a few much smaller improvements that have quietly fixed things that used to make me tear my hair out.

The little things that are a huge deal to me:

  • Ctrl-Z!  I've always been mystified as to why undo didn't exist, and after all this time still find myself attempting ctrl-z in BIDS for 2008 R2 out of habit formed by every other application ever.  Imagine my surprise when I instinctively hit ctrl-Z and got an undo before I could even remember that it's never worked before.  I have missed you so much ctrl-Z, please don't leave me again!
  • Saving the package:  "save a copy of package..." now defaults to the last type of save you did instead of having to change the selections every time.
  • You can hit enter in an annotation, and it expands to a point while entering data.

They're small things, but they make it feel like a grown-up environment.

Things I wish had been fixed:

  • Moving connectors between objects:  If I have a fancy conditional on a connector/precedence constraint and need to add or remove an object/sequence in the flow, it would make my life so much easier if I could re-position the connector rather than delete and re-create.

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