Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DPM SharePoint Item Level Restore Problems at Site Collection Level

Short Description:  When using DPM Item Level Restore to restore a (SharePoint 2010) site collection that has been deleted, the DPM recovery job succeeds, but the site is not restored.
Problem:  When a site collection has been deleted, it shows as restorable from the last recovery point (preceding deletion) in Data Protection Manager.  The restore completes with no indication of a problem.  However, when you attempt to access the site collection, the top level URL results in an error stating the IIS version, and Connection Closed.  Attempts to hit a known page further down the hierarchy will result in a 404 error.
It appears that the DPM restore does not correctly re-create the site collection if it has been deleted. 
Work Around: 
  1. In Central Admin create a new site collection with the same name and URL as the old Site Collection
    • don't worry about permissions and templates, these will be restored
    • if you don’t have the URL, it’s available in the DPM recovery console for the restore point you’re using
  2. Re-run the recovery job (make sure to choose the option to apply the recovery point permissions instead of the destination permissions). 
  3. Profit!  (actually, Voil√†)


  1. I have recently written an article with details snapshots regarding Sharepoint restoration of the web application using the database backup

    let me know if it helps


  2. This worked perfectly. Thanks for the write-up.