Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DPM SharePoint Item Level Restore Problems at Site Collection Level

Short Description:  When using DPM Item Level Restore to restore a (SharePoint 2010) site collection that has been deleted, the DPM recovery job succeeds, but the site is not restored.
Problem:  When a site collection has been deleted, it shows as restorable from the last recovery point (preceding deletion) in Data Protection Manager.  The restore completes with no indication of a problem.  However, when you attempt to access the site collection, the top level URL results in an error stating the IIS version, and Connection Closed.  Attempts to hit a known page further down the hierarchy will result in a 404 error.
It appears that the DPM restore does not correctly re-create the site collection if it has been deleted. 
Work Around: 
  1. In Central Admin create a new site collection with the same name and URL as the old Site Collection
    • don't worry about permissions and templates, these will be restored
    • if you don’t have the URL, it’s available in the DPM recovery console for the restore point you’re using
  2. Re-run the recovery job (make sure to choose the option to apply the recovery point permissions instead of the destination permissions). 
  3. Profit!  (actually, VoilĂ )