Monday, January 31, 2011

VMware cloning of Linux guests using LVM

In the past, my attempts to use cloning with customization specifications in combination with Linux guests using LVM would fail. A search of the VMware KB lead me to these two articles both of which say LVM is unsupported:
In testing this again on vSphere 4.1 with SLES 11 SP1, I discovered that the combination now works as long as the appropriate VMware tools are installed.
I did get this revealing error during an attempt that did not have appropriate tools:
“Customization of the guest operating system 'sles11_64Guest' is not supported in this configuration. Microsoft Vista (TM) and Linux guests with Logical Volume Manager are supported only for recent ESX host and VMware Tools versions. Refer to vCenter documentation for supported configurations.”
I could not find any references in the vCenter documentation, but I am checking with VMware to determine if the KBs are still correct.

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