Thursday, December 2, 2010

SharePoint 2010 upgrade error -- failoverpartner not supported

Quick Description:  When patching or upgrading SharePoint 2010 on a farm configured with failover mirroring the upgrade fails with error
Failed to initiate the upgrade sequence
An exception of type System.ArgumentException was thrown.  Additional exception information:  Keyword not supported 'failoverpartner'.
To diagnose the problem, review the application event log and the configuration log located at:
Problem:  SharePoint patches are failing on configured database mirroring.

You do not need to destroy database mirroring on the SQL Server.  Removing the configuration on the SharePoint server is enough, and can be easily re-configured with a PowerShell command once the upgrade is finished.

Content databases and application databases can be removed through the Central Admin console, but configuration databases have to be configured with PowerShell.  To remove the offending failoverpartner setting run the following script.
get-spserviceinstance -all | foreach-object {
if ($_.typeName -eq "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Database")
foreach ($Database in $_.Databases){
if ($Database.FailoverServer) {
write-host "Found Mirrored Database, Removing"
write-host "Successfully removed Failover Instance"

else {
write-host $Database.Name "none configured"}
To check that mirroring has been removed, run the following command
get-spdatabase | select name, failoverserver
Run the upgrade, once it's completed you can re-configure the failoverpartner with this script.

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