Friday, November 19, 2010

Re-adding a rebuilt server to DPM 2010

Quick Description:  If a DPM client system irretrievably crashes, and is rebuilt/replaced with a system using the same computer account, DPM will not allow the old computer to be removed from the agent inventory, or reinstalled from the console.

Problem:  The original client agent is no longer available to perform an uninstall.  Attempting to uninstall results in the error
The agent operation failed because of a communication error with the DPM Agent Coordinator service on clientservername
The RPC server is unavailable (0x800706BA)
Since the rebuilt machine with the same computer account is online, it does not provide the option to remove the server from the DPM catalog.
Attempts to reinstall the agent fail as the server already exists in DPM.

Solution:  Manually install the client agent on the rebuilt server and refresh it in the console.  Firewall rules for DPM communication are automatically created.  It seems like this would be made more intuitive since one of the reasons you protect a server with DPM is that if it completely crashes, you can rebuilt it and restore the data. 

The command line to install the Agent on an x64 machine is
%Path to DPM install file Share%\DPMAgentInstaller_64.exe yourdpmservername
Install files for 2010 for an x64 client are located by default at
c:\program files\microsoft dpm\dpm\protectionagents\RA\3.0.7696.0\amd64\DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe

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