Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simple Multistore vFiler setup script

Some of the setup commands are not well documented for creating NetApp Multistore vFilers. Here is an example setup that can be modified and pasted into an ssh/putty window to create a vFiler for use with VMware.

In the following code:
Replace AGGREGATENAME with aggregate name
Replace ROOTVOL with vfilername without dash
Replace vfilerName with vfilername with dash
Replace FLEXVOL with data volume name
Replace PASSWORD with password
Replace IPADDR with IP Address
Replace NETMASK with mask in the form a.b.c.d (use periods as separators)
Replace INTERFACE with interface (e.g. vif0-101)
Replace NISSERVER1 with IP Address
Replace NISSERVER2 with IP Address
Replace DNSSERVER1 with IP Address
Replace DNSSERVER2 with IP Address
Replace IPSPACE with IPSpaceName
Replace ADMINHOST with IP Addressvfiler context vfiler0
  • vol create ROOTVOL -s volume AGGREGATENAME 20g
  • vol create FLEXVOL -s none AGGREGATENAME 3t
  • vol options FLEXVOL no_atime_update on
  • snap sched FLEXVOL 1 1 0
  • snap reserve FLEXVOL 0
  • snap autodelete FLEXVOL commitment try trigger volume target_free_space 5 delete_order oldest_first
  • snap autodelete FLEXVOL on
  • vol options FLEXVOL try_first volume_grow
  • vol autosize FLEXVOL -m 4T -i 100g on
  • vfiler create vfilerName -n -s IPSPACE -i IPADDR /vol/ROOTVOL /vol/FLEXVOL
  • vfiler disallow vfilerName proto=cifs proto=rsh proto=iscsi
  • vfiler run vfilerName setup -e INTERFACE:IPADDR:NETMASK -d -a ADMINHOST -p PASSWORD
  • vfiler run vfilerName secureadmin setup -q ssh 768 512 768
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.domainname
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.enable on
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.group_update.enable on
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.group_update_schedule 1
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.netgroup.domain_search.enable on
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.netgroup.legacy_nisdomain_search.enable on
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.servers NISSERVER1,NISSERVER2
  • vfiler run vfilerName options nis.slave.enable off
  • vfiler run vfilerName exportfs -p rw=ADMINHOST,root=ADMINHOST /vol/FLEXVOL
  • vfiler run vfilerName exportfs -p rw=ADMINHOST,root=ADMINHOST /vol/ROOTVOL

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DPM VSS error

Problem: On attempting recovery in DPM 2007, recovery fails with the error

The VSS application writer or the VSS provider is in a bad
state. Either it was already in a bad state or it entered a bad state during
the current operation. (ID 30111)

One Solution: This is just a quick one to rule out before looking at the more complicated things that can go wrong with the VSS provider.

Verify that the restore isn't trying to write to files that already exist on the target server.

Seems to me that perhaps a more descriptive error message...something like...say..."File already exists" would fit the bill here, but absent that, I'm loving how much better behaved DPM 2010 is.