Monday, June 7, 2010

DPM PowerShell: Force a Sharepoint Catalog to populate

Brief Description: After creating a SharePoint 2010 protection group in DPM 2010 the item level restore capability isn't browseable for up to 24hrs.

Problem: It's difficult to verify that your SharePoint protection group is configured correctly for item level restore if you can't actually browse it in the recovery pane, you could waste a lot of days making changes and waiting 24 hours to see if they were the right ones.

To force the catalog to populate you can run the following powershell command from the DPM PowerShell commandline (thanks calebfinley for noting the need for clarification).

Get-ProtectionGroup yourdpmservername |get-datasource |where-object {$_.type -like "*sharepoint*"} | start-createcatalog

IsSharepointFarmProtected appears to be the only property that indicates the protection group is a sharepoint farm.

This can be re-run on an existing group, and can be run on a protection group which contains both a sharepoint farm and other objects like databases. The object type like is inelegant, but I'm still working on how to get it to compare the whole string.


  1. Nice. thanks! is there a way to get the status of the catalog job, to know when has it ended?

  2. I am sure this goes without saying but make sure you run the command in DPM Management Shell. Else, commands need to be loaded into standard powershell.

  3. How to verify that the catalog was created?

    Thank you! Mike