Monday, June 29, 2009

SQL script to get VMware tools versions

Brief Description:
SQL Script to get Virtual Machine tools versions and the version of the corresponding parent Host.

We needed to check/verify that all Virtual Machines on our clusters had the correct version of the VMware tools relative to the corresponding Hosts in their parent cluster. Due to the clunkiness of getting across the board information out of virtual center, we looked at pulling the information from the Virtual Center Database and with PowerShell.

The information we needed to get was:
  • Virtual Machine Name
  • Virtual Machine Operating System
  • The Virtual Machine's tools version
  • Virtual Machine Tools Status
  • Parent Host Name
  • Parent Host Build

VMWare sees the tools version of the VM as OK if it meets or exceeds the Host product build version.

SQL Script is below, Benj is going to follow up with a PowerShell script to do the same because he thinks it's cooler.

    Use [YourVMwareDBName]
      select as VMName,
        vm.tools_version, vm.Guest_OS,
          case vm.tools_status
            when 0 then 'Not Installed' when 1 then 'Not Running' when 2 then 'Out of Date' when 3 then 'OK' when NULL then 'Indeterminate'
          end as Tools_Status, as Host_Name, ho.Product_Build as Host_Build
      from vpx_vm vm join vpx_entity ev on =
      join vpx_entity eh on = vm.host_id
      join vpx_host ho on = vm.host_id
      where is_template = 0 order by

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