Monday, June 22, 2009

How to set the default runlevel using yast2

You want to set the default runlevel for Novell SUSE SLES 10 from a script. You don’t want to edit files using text editors. The man page for yast2 is not clear.
Example of the problem:
server:~ # yast2 runlevel set runlevel 3
Unknown option for command 'set': 3
Use 'yast2 runlevel set help' for a complete list of available options.
server:~ # yast2 runlevel set help
YaST Configuration Module runlevel
Command 'set'
Set default runlevel after boot
runlevel [ 2 3 5 ] Specify default runlevel
help Print the help for this command
verbose Show progress information
server:~ # yast2 runlevel set runlevel=3

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